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Manuka Honey & Active Jellybush Honey – Make sure it’s REAL!

Manuka Honey demand is on the rise and so are the number of suppliers. As this happens, unfortunately it’s becoming harder to make a choice as to which medical grade honey product is authentic and which is not.

So we’ve prepared this test that we hope will empower you with the knowledge of how to distinguish between authentic and non authentic Manuka Honey.

established-brandTyagarah Apiaries was established in 1996 and has been supplying Australia’s Manuka or Active Jellybush Honey ever since, to pharmacies and health food outlets in Australia and abroad. Or brand can be recognised by the circular illustration of the Jellybush Flower which is colour coded in order to clearly demonstrate the different strength grades of our honey.
price-pointAnother way of deciding if Manuka or Jellybush honey is authentic is to look at the price tag. Unfortunately some companies either dilute their Manuka or Jellybush honey in an attempt to reduce production costs. They then pass on the savings to the consumer at what seems to be competitive prices. However, diluting with non-medical honey also reduces potency and therefore the efficacy of the product. The old rule, “you get what you pay for” is very much true when it comes to Medical Grade Honeys.
laboritory-testedEvery single batch of our honey is tested by independent laboratories to ensure that it is appropriately labelled. Look for the batch number and best before date on our jars and tubed honeys. If this information has been over-printed when the product was packaged, the manufacturer has most likely gone to the trouble of having each harvest tested. Also look for the strength grading symbol on the face of the product.
activity-ratingTo date, no honey higher than a 20+ ULF or UMF (NZ Equivalent) rating has been discovered. So if you find a product that claims a higher rating, it is most likely not authentic. Our 20+ honey is available in a convenient 60g tube or in a generous 250g jar. The 60g Tube bares a AUSTL number (158248) which indicates that it has passed the stringent TGA guidelines and that it is a listed medical product. The 250g Jar however does not display the AUSTL number and is not TGA listed. However, it contains the exact same grade and quality of honey as the tube.

cold-extractedHeating honey makes it more viscous and therefore easier to process and package. However, heating honey also diminishes efficacy of its active enzymes. Look on the label or scrutinize the website of the company that’s offering medical grade honey. If their honey is not cold extracted, then it is most likely not authentic.

All our Active Jellybush Honey is cold extracted at our production facility located in Tyagarah near Byron Bay on the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. You can view a gallery of our cold extraction equipment here.

jellybush-manuka-flowerNot all plants have the capacity to produce Active or Medical Grade Honey. Active honey with effective ULF or UMF ratings has been discovered only from the Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) and Jellybush (Leptospermum polygalifolium) plant.

Florabank is a collaboration between The Australian Government, Greening Australia and the CSIRO. Among many other things, it lists the distribution of plant species in Australia.

Please follow the link below to view a map of the distribution of the Jellybush (Leptospermum polygalifolium) plant. You’ll notice that it’s occurrence is highly concentrated on the North Coast of New South Wales and specifically in the hinterland around Byron Bay and Tyagarah where our Active Jellybush Honey harvesting and processing occurs.

Jellybush and Manuka Honey not only has special therapeutic qualities, but it is also very distinctive in taste, smell, colour and consistency.

taste-colour-viscosityIt is perhaps sweeter than non-medical honeys although the sweetness of it is balanced by a slightly savory or “spicy” aftertaste. You also know you have authentic Jellybush or Manuka honey because it is very apparently richer than non-medical or ordinary culinary honey.

Authentic Jellybush and Manuka honey is also substantially thicker or less viscous than normal culinary honey, making it easier to spread or apply to wounds or wound dressings.

Take special note of the colour when evaluating if you have purchase authentic Jellybush or Manuka honey, as it is usually darker and somewhat translucent.

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We’re a family run business established in 1996

Tyagarah Apiaries is a well established family owned and operated business with a long history of providing only the highest quality medical grade honey to Australia and the world.

We are passionate about bee keeping, sustainability and total quality management and our honeybees and hives are ethically managed with love and care. From harvesting, to our cold extraction processing and packaging, our honey remains pure and clean, maintaining its beneficial and potent properties right up until you’re ready to use it.

Our honey is tested at two independent laboratories, so we can guarantee its antibacterial properties and that it’s always NPA active with equivalent MGO activity. Just like Manuka honey, Active Jellybush Honey is good to eat, good for digestion, good for assisting wounds to heal and good for your skin.

Our Customers Say:

It’s my go-to substance along with garlic, ginger and lemon when I’m warding off a cold. Great Product!

Carl, Parent

When my daughter has a cold or a sore throat it works a like a treat; literally! I highly recommend it.

Kate, Parent

I’ve use to soothe a sore throats and help cure a rash – amazing natural product from nature I just love it!

Jannine, Customer

I use Australia’s Manuka, Active Jellybush honey on cuts and burns and for sore throats. Clever little bees.

Katrina, Customer

This honey has so many beneficial uses. I use it for sore throats, scratches and burns as well as general well being.

Thomas, Customer

Benefits of Australia’s Manuka Honey – Active Jellybush Honey

  • Proven to accelerate wound healing
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Potent Antibacterial Agent
  • Reduces Scarring
  • Breaks down Biofilm
  • Anti-fungal
  • 100% Natural

Sourced from the pristine wilderness of North Coast New South Wales – Australia.

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